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859... I have thoughts... I don't know if anyone...
840.. 有某种时刻 想起很久以前的事 陌生而又熟悉 一种心情泛滥得再也无法收拾 寂寞,...
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很紧张很紧张 姐姐要嫁人了 心情很复杂 高兴是她终于有人要了!!!!!XD 伤心是她不能再像以前那样...
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603.. dun cry erica yap! you are not allowed to!

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Written at Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | back to top


I like unicorns. I like the black colour. I like the white colour. I like the red colour. I like reading and loosing myself completely in romance novels. I like music from the 80s and 90s. I like Vanness Wu and I'm afraid he shall never lose my interest. I like being silly. I like climbing trees. I like monkey-ing around and being absurdly inappropriate. I like playing online make up games. I like going shopping like everything is free. I like having a good sweat out and not caring about my appearances. I like having unplanned visits from friends. I like baking yet claiming I am completely without skill in the kitchen. I like boasting yet trying my best to be as humble as I can. I like people to notice things about me but I don't want to mention them. I like dogs but don't always like the responsibility. I like long hair. I like feeling superior. I like having playful banter. I like Disney animations. I like Sleeping beauty. I like being liked. I don't quite like liking as much. I like to think I have tons of confidence though I know the total opposite to be only the truth. I like that I still have my innocence intact. I like the idea of marriage. I like the idea of having a husband who would love me as much as I think I would like him. I like the idea of having a son who ll be a muscle guy. I like that I have such idealistic ideas of the world though it really is a horrid place.

All in all, I like me :) and i start blogging again!!

Good nite =D